Kathryn Rose Wood is a New Orleans-based songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, and clinical music therapist by way of Oahu's shores and Pennsylvania's hills. With personal, yet universal, lyricism and rich musical landscapes reflective of soul, folk, Americana, and RnB, it is evident that Kathryn's songwriting is mired in creative sincerity.

Formerly of New Orleans bands Social Set and Gravy Flavored Kisses, Kathryn has been deemed one of "New Orleans most prominent young singer/songwriters" (The Vinyl District), and American Songwriter Magazine's pick as a songwriting "Daily Discovery." "Kathryn has this uncanny ability to capture complex, nuanced emotions in her songwriting, giving voice to things many people don't know how to vocalize," says collaborator Sage Rouge (saxophonist, Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes).

"With flickering, chromatic guitar chords, ornamented vocals, and plaintive steel guitar" (Offbeat Magazine), Kathryn brings an engaging presence and expressive connection to every stage she stands on. “In The Ashes," Kathryn's debut solo album, has been lauded by the likes of American Songwriter Magazine, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Americana U.K., Offbeat Magazine New Orleans, and the accolades keep coming. In creating music that is as cathartic to write as it is to hear, Kathryn embodies the epitome of an artist for the people.